February 23, 2018

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Membership is open to all Aboriginal Veterans and supporters.  There is a requirement for verification of service and Aboriginal affiliation for Regular membership status. Please include copies of some form of evidence of service and some form of Aboriginal ancestry.

Fee’s for the AVA registration is $20.00 or any amount that the Veteran is able to give if the membership amount is too expensive for his/her budget, all members over 65 do not have to pay the membership fee. Membership is voluntary and open to all persons with either a professional or personal interest in assisting the organization achieve its mandate. Membership is through positive enrolment by acceptance of an application for membership. Everyone is required to complete and submit a membership form. No Veteran will be denied without just cause.

Membership Categories

Voting - Regular members who are Aboriginal Veterans or Aboriginal Serving members

Non-Voting - Associate members who are friends/supporters of the Association/Aboriginal Veterans.

Honorary members are those who the Association honour for their level of support.

We have all served and we exist between two worlds, that of the Euro-centric world and the Traditional world of our Ancestors. AVA will work with its membership to re-establish and retain the dignity that has been lost from our traditional teachings and move forward as strong voices for the new generation of Veterans.

To fill the Membership applications, please click the format you want to fill out: it can be either in Word or Pdf format.

Once completed the form can be sent by mail to the address below or by email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

AVA Registrar
1820 Northlands Drive
Orleans, Ontario
K4A 3S2

Please read the instructions to fill your request: in Word (English) or in Word (French)