February 23, 2018

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Role and Mission

About Us

The Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones (AVA) is a nationally incorporated organization that represents the interests of Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and serving members who are of Aboriginal descent.  This fills the void left by the dissolution of the National Aboriginal Veterans Association.


 Advocacy – Community Service – Remembrance

 Advocate:  To advise and provide support for and to all Aboriginal Veterans and
their families regarding all issues pertaining to Veteran’s needs & rights.  Advocate and provide support to and on behalf of Aboriginal Serving Members.  

Community Service:  To promote, engage in and provide support to the Community by encouraging contributions to our society and to future generations.  Provide the most positive influence to our Aboriginal communities and youth by both traditional teachings and strong leadership development through a variety of resources.  

Remembrance:  To Honour and perpetuate the memories and outstanding deeds of our fallen comrades who gave their lives to preserve the freedom for all. In honouring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice we will act at all times with respect and integrity.