January 21, 2017

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National Aboriginal Day Ceremony of Remembrance
National Aboriginal Day Ceremony of Remembrance
With the GG
Summer Solstice Pow wow

Welcome to the Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones

Welcome to the Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones.

The Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones (AVA) is a nationally incorporated organization that represents the interests of Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and serving members who are of Aboriginal descent. This fills the void left by the dissolution of the National Aboriginal Veterans Association.

Condolence Message

It is with much sadness that I acknowledge the passing of one of our most charismatic and knowledgeable Veterans, Mr. Willy Bruce. 

Willy has been a part of AVA since its inception.  He has been a pillar of the community for, not only our Veterans and families, but as well with a host of peoples across the country.  When the Royal Military College of Canada started the Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year, Willy was there to offer encouragement and spiritual guidance to the young Officer Cadets as they departed on their leadership final exercise down the Rideau Canal.   Willy was front and centre for all of our ceremonies providing the spiritual connection to Veterans and to our ancestors.  His place at the Monument in Ottawa will certainly miss his presence.  In addition to ceremonies he held a place of prominence at many Pow Wow’s where he was recognized in his capacity as a Veteran and Elder. 

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Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation

Congratulations to John Jewitt and Gerry Dore on receiving the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation.

Since serving in uniform, many of Canada’s Veterans continue to provide outstanding service to their country, their communities and their fellow Veterans. To formally recognize the contributions of these outstanding Canadians, the Governor General authorized the creation of the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation.

The Commendation is awarded annually to individuals who have contributed in an exemplary manner to the care and well-being of Veterans or to the remembrance of the contributions, sacrifices and achievements of Veterans.

The Commendation is intended primarily for Veterans, but may be awarded to non-Veterans.

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